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Ever been at the airport trying to act like a distinguished traveler but your suitcase decides to literally air out your dirty laundry?

Maybe not, but it did happen at the opening of Denver International Airport in the ’90s. A series of embarrassing missteps caused the baggage conveyer belt system to smash bags and disgorge contents. Assembled media and travelers were not amused to see pieces of luggage flying off the conveyor and bursting open, showcasing a range of dirty socks and dubious undergarments to the world.

If that does not make you consider the durability of your travel bags, how about having to go through hundreds of bags that all look exactly like yours? In 2008, an estimated 28,000 bags went missing at the opening of the £4.3 billion ($5.5 billion USD) Terminal 5 building at Heathrow Airport when the underground baggage system had a meltdown.

We have learned many lessons over the years about the best travel bags that can be mishandled by carriers and still maintain their appearance and contents. Whether you pack light or carry your whole bedroom, we have narrowed down eleven luggage sets to suit every type of passenger and journey.

Coolife luggage set – for the cool vacationer

Created by a young creative design team from all around the world, the Coolife 3-piece luggage set dares to break the shackles of the outdated. Years of production experience have ensured that Coolife offers only superior quality travel luggage that is functional, affordable, and young at heart.

Believing in quality first, the outer case of this luggage set is made out of lightweight and durable, anti-scratch, 100% ABS hard-shell plastic. The travel cases are reinforced with molded corner guards to absorb and deflect shock, effecting maximum impact resistance. Coolife luggage sets have a spacious, fully lined interior with elastic down straps, a privacy curtain, and zippered mesh organizational pockets to secure your travel essentials elegantly and effortlessly.

These travel bags are fitted with multidirectional spinner wheels that can make silent, individual 360° turns, as well as a sturdy ergonomic aluminum telescoping handle. The 3-piece set comes in dimensions of 20 inches (50.8 cm), 24 inches (60.96 cm), and 28 inches (71.12 cm) while the family set includes a 16-inch (40.64 cm) cabin bag. The bags are all equipped with Secure Lock approved TSA combination locks.

Targeting the global community of urban nomads, the Coolife luggage sets are stylish, resilient and available in 17 colors to suit any personality. It’s no wonder they ask, are you ready to travel with your cool life?

The Samsonite Winfield 2 – for the confident commuter

Samsonite’s ethos is not only based on the business of making luggage but also in the business of building confidence, and that’s exactly what the Samsonite Winfield 2 luggage set exudes. These hard-shell suitcases are constructed with 100% polycarbonate material designed to absorb impact by flexing when stressed and popping back into its original shape after experiencing dents and dings. The Winfield 2 travel suitcases promise to deliver carefree travel and peace of mind knowing your belongings will remain intact through your journey.

For effortless maneuverability, these luggage sets feature heavyweight 360° spinner wheels to do all the work while you glide your suitcase along. The Winfield bags all have a built-in, TSA compatible combination lock to protect your belongings while in transit. These travel cases are integrated with a wide, multi-stage, aluminum pull handle for a comfortable grip, together with retracting side and top carry handles for easy lifting.

With over one hundred years perfecting and innovating travel bags, Samsonite’s Winfield 2 luggage set is sure to deliver durability, functionality, reliability and above all, confidence.

The Samsonite Omni PC – for the resilient explorer

The sleek and trendy, Omni PC luggage set does not look like a budget-priced suitcase from the outside. Built to withstand the harshest travel elements, Samsonite combined the lightest, 100% polycarbonate scratch-resistant shell with a textured ‘micro-diamond’ finish, ensuring that your bags always look good as new.

The lightweight, clamshell-designed bags come in a slew of hues making it easy to identify on a baggage carousel. These expandable suitcases have different colored zippers to differentiate it from those in the main compartment. The telescoping handles can be adjusted to two heights and the top and side handles retract when not in use.

One side of the shell has a full-zip mesh divider while the other side is fitted with crisscross straps. These travel cases are perfect for carefree travelers who prefer to throw everything together and zip up. While they may not have any inbuilt organizational features, the Omni PC luggage set does come with 360° spinner wheels and TSA compatible combination lock.

SHOWKOO expandable luggage sets – for the transit wanderer

When you have to make a run for it from one end of a platform or gate to the other side of the world to catch your departing train or flight, you need the SHOWKOO expandable luggage set. These travel bags have an advantage with the innovative, soft TPU and lubricating balls inside the multi-directional spinner wheels that completely enhance the durability and user experience. Combined with the robust and adjustable aluminum telescoping handle and double 360° rotating wheels, the SHOWKOO suitcase handles like a well-oiled machine, quietly steering through tight nooks with precision and ease.

This sturdy suitcase has two extra reinforcement brackets on the flip side to prevent the hard-shell from cracking and earning this suitcase a 100% pass on a drop test. When you have a long stopover, remember that the SHOWKOO travel bags passed the professional luggage quality test and walking test; With a load of 15kgs (33lbs), you can comfortably walk for 40km (24.85 miles) at a speed of 10km/hour (6.21 mph). The anti-skid double wheels also make SHOWKOO the perfect luggage set to drag up a flight of steps and weave your way through cobblestones and paved slabs.

American Tourister Fieldbrook II – for the light traveler

For those who like to travel light, the American Tourister Fieldbrook II is specifically designed for ultra-lightweight luggage needs. This 3-piece luggage set consists of a 15-inch (38.1 cm) tote bag and 21- and 25-inch (53.34 and 63.5 cm) travel bags. Made from 600D shiny polyester construction, the luggage sets contain multiple exterior and interior pockets to keep everything organized and within easy reach.

The larger travel bags have reinforced corners to prevent tearing and hollow telescopic handles that lock in place making it easier to push or pull the suitcase. These suitcases are also expandable, with an interior zip mesh pocket on one side and a cross strap on the other side to keep the contents of your suitcase in place.

The tote bag comes in handy as it can be taken on board as cabin luggage to keep your travel essentials within reach. It also has a ‘smart sleeve’ to slide onto the handle of the bigger bags and includes an over the shoulder strap. These suitcases are difficult to maneuver when packed to the brim.

AmazonBasics hard-side spinner – for the two-piece trekker

When you need a luggage set but you don’t want many pieces, then the AmazonBasics hard-side spinner luggage is sure to blow your mind on space and price. This set contains a 21-inch (53.34 cm) expandable suitcase with an additional 15% more packing space and a 30-inch (76.2 cm) suitcase that when fully extended, may just exceed some airline restrictions. Basically, you get one cabin-sized bag for weekend getaways and one massive bag for when you need to move – the only two bags any trekker needs.

AmazonBasics travel bags are created with a protective, extra strength, ABS hard-shell, and coated with a durable, scratch-resistant finish. This means that no matter what chaos your bag goes through, it should still keep all your possessions intact and look good at the end of your trip. On the interior, the suitcases are fully lined with 150D- Polyester protective cover, a mesh divider, and 3 zipped pockets.

The AmazonBasics luggage sets have four, double spinner wheels each to enhance mobility, a telescopic handle, and securely mounted, short handle to easily lift the bag. 

Coolife spinner suitcase – for the easy glider

Once again, Coolife likes to keep things cool with the 3-piece, spinner suitcase set. Made from lightweight but extremely durable PC+ABS material, these hard-shell suitcases are impact-resistant and are reinforced with molded corner guards to absorb and deflect any shock the bags may come across.

The Coolife travel cases come in three different sizes; the 20-inch bag is an ideal cabin fit, the middle size 24 inch (60.96 cm) bag is great for short trips while the 28 inch (71.12 cm) large suitcase is expandable, adding an extra 15% capacity to your luggage. The integrated TSA combination lock and double spinner wheels will keep your bits and bobs safe while you quietly glide along transit gates.

Available in five bold colors, the Coolife spinner suitcase set is sure to stand out from the crowd.

U.S. Traveler New Yorker – for the ‘picky about pockets’ passenger

The versatile collection from US Traveler New Yorker promises lightweight, expandable, rolling luggage suitcases that are innovative and functional at the same time. Crafted from durable, tear-resistant, shiny dobby fabric with PVC backing, these travel cases are tailored to please.

What grabs our attention is the number of compartments these bags have. Coming as a set of 4, they include 21, 25, and 29 inch (53.34, 63.5, and 73.66 cm) expandable suitcases, when upright, as well as a 15-inch (38.1 cm) tote bag. The three large bags all have 2 exterior compartments with EVA foam front panel and zippered pockets for easy to reach items.

The suitcases have a full interior lining and offer tie-down straps on one side and a divider on the top flap of the suitcase. The case also contains an interior zippered mesh, an interior organizer, and dual shoe pockets. If these pockets do not fit all your luggage, the travel cases have an adjustable add-a-bag strap that lets you simply add an additional bag.

If organized space is what you are looking for, then the US Traveler New Yorker is the luggage set for you.

Flieks luggage set – for the eco-friendly traveler

Merax, the company behind the Flieks luggage set has been a major player in the travel industry for over 22 years and as such, they have learned to offer you only the best. The sturdy, 3-piece, Flieks luggage set helps deflect the trauma associated with carbon footprints by offering you a climate conservative suitcase.

The set is equipped with 20-inch (50.8 cm), 24-inch (60.96 cm), and 28-inch (71.12 cm) travel bags made from environmentally friendly PET material that is resistant to both high and low temperatures. These bags can comfortably withstand temperatures between -4°F (-20°C) up to 158°F (70°C). The travel bags also have a built-in, anti-UV radiation system that helps increase the lifespan of the suitcases.

The Flieks luggage set is also known for its durability – it passed a two-ton cargo truck rollover test with flying colors.

Steve Madden designer luggage collection – for the stylish holidaymaker

When you want to be different from all the rest, your best bet is the Steve Madden 3-piece, designer collection luggage set. With a unique style and elegant designs, these ultra-light travel bags offer ergonomic comfort and convenience. Unlike hard-shell suitcases, the Steve Madden soft-side design can collapse and easily fit into tight spaces.

The luggage sets are fitted with a telescopic push button handle system and 360° spinner wheels to offer complete mobility over any terrain. The wide wheel positioning gives the bags better balance and stability, preventing the bag from randomly tipping over.

The 20-inch (50.8 cm), under the seat bag is ideal when you want to travel light. And of course, the tassels just add that extra oomph to your luggage set.

AmazonBasics soft-side spinner luggage – for the large hauler

While most suitcases come in a standard size, AmazonBasics has taken it a step further to create big travel bags that can be squashed down. The soft-side spinner luggage set provides some serious packing space, offering 21-inch, 25.9-inch, and 30.9-inch (53.34, 65.78, and 78.48 cm) suitcases to match your trip. Their expandable design means that these travel bags can be enlarged for extra packing room or collapsed to fit into compact spaces and for easy storage when not in use.

The bags are lined with a protective fabric and feature three interior storage pockets, each with a secure closing zipper. AmazonBasics spinner suitcases are easy to operate thanks to the 360° spinner wheels. They have undergone rigorous testing procedures to ensure strength, stability, and durability.

While we may never know what happens behind the scenes of the baggage carousel, you can now at least narrow down what travel luggage set would work best for you.

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