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Coleman is a well-known company for supplying outdoor camping equipment. They range from lanterns and coolers to grills and tents.

The company’s breakthrough came when they began manufacturing the Coleman travel trailers. Despite not being the fanciest and high-quality trailers on the market, Coleman trailers are made of quality construction materials at a pocket-friendly price.

Brief description of the company

W.C Coleman founded the Coleman brand in 1900 in Kingfisher, Oklahoma as a supplier of gasoline lanterns. As time went by, Coleman expanded its product line and included almost every outdoor camping aspect such as tents, sleeping bags, cooktops, and coolers.

In 1967, it manufactured its first pop-up tent trailers, followed by the camping trailers in 1979. Due to financial problems, Coleman’s design and the brand name have been taken over by different companies, with current manufacturers of Coleman travel trailers being Dutchmen manufacturers.

Dutchmen is a subsidiary of Thor Industries, a renowned powerhouse in RVs’ supply based in Goshen, Indiana. At the moment, Dutchmen has four Travel Trailers under the Coleman umbrella tag:

  • Coleman Lantern 250TQ- Toy Hauler
  • Lantern LT 17FQ-Bunkhouse
  • Coleman Light
  • Coleman Light LX

Top Features of the Dutchmen Coleman Trailers

Excellent Quality and Design

The Coleman Campers are affordable than the most luxurious travel campers on the market. Moreover, they are easy to take along during any camping expedition as they weigh less than 8000 pounds. Hence convenient with most midsized trucks and SUVs.

As a measure of enhancing quality, the campers are packed to the gills with fabulous features for any potential buyer’s convenience.  

Enough said. Let’s delve into much about the individual Coleman Trailers.

Coleman Lantern 250TQ and Lantern LT 17 FQ

coleman lantern 250TQ
Coleman Lantern 250TQ @Pinterest

The two lantern series comes with great features, from the amenities to the outstanding floor plans. With a length of 22 ft. and height of 10 ft. This series boasts of the following features:

  • Twenty-seven gallons of freshwater tanks.
  • Twenty-eight gallons of grey and wastewater tanks.
  • Black diamond plate rock guards
  • Eight bunkhouse floor plans and one quad bunkhouse for the Lantern LT 17QF model.
  • Enough storage room under the queen bed.
  • Fold-out sofa and a queen-sized bed for Lantern 17 FQ while the 250 TQ comes with dual opposing sofas.
  • Interior heights of 82 inches
  • Interior power command center
  • Large capacity water tanks
  • LED power awnings and outdoor speakers
  • Lots of sleeping space, generally accommodating around eight people
  • Outdoor kitchen
  • Tall, oversized slide rooms
  • Two models of toy haulers for the Lantern 250TQ.

Coleman Light and Light LX models

coleman light
Coleman Light @Pinterest

This series includes features designed to save on space and reduce camper weight. The Light and Light LX aluminum-framed models have other amenities like:

  • Fiberglass front cap
  • Fully enclosed underbelly
  • Interior height of 80 inches
  • Lengths ranging from 18’10” to 34’9″
  • Pass-thru storage areas
  • Power stabilizer jacks
  • Residential-style 60 x 80 queen bed
  • Six bunkhouse models and two models 
  • Expandable pop-out tent sleeping areas

On top of these features, Dutchmen provides an opportunity for you to enjoy top quality assurance, excellent product warranties, and aftermarket support.

Dutchmen Quality Assurance

Dutchmen trailers undergo a 100% full inspection before delivery. The pre-delivery inspection guarantee aims to make sure you get nothing but value for money in terms of standards and quality.

Also, the Dutchmen assembly plant involves proper product inspection during the assembly phase. The assessment helps detect any issues before the trailer rolls off to the dealer’s store.

Coleman Trailer Warranty offer

Dutchmen are genuinely customer-oriented. They offer a three-year structural warranty that fully covers any damage or operation failure unless it’s an everyday wear and tear expense. During the first year of this warranty, a second owner, if the RV is sold, is also eligible to make any covered claim.

This warranty offer is a huge reprieve and bonus for the Coleman trailers’ second-hand owners because you enjoy all that the warranty covers for as long as it lasts. However, note that the structural three-year warranty only applies to new campers and that the warranty transfer is applicable within the first ownership owner.

Coleman’s Aftermarket Service and Support

Dutchmen understand that the Coleman Trailers experience wear and tear in some parts, just like any other machinery. As a solution, they offer easily accessible repair services and spare parts in their dealer stores. Inquiry about these services is just a phone call away or with a click to their website.

Pros and cons of Coleman Trailers

Most customers review Coleman trailers positively because of the campers’ excellent pros. Nonetheless, before buying these trailers, consider keeping in mind aspects such as price, quality, durability, and warranty satisfaction.

The biggest reason many people go for the Coleman trailers is the fair pricing aspect. The trailers are relatively cheaper compared to other campers with the same features. Pricing is, however, relative to quality. This relatively low pricing aspect may, at times, compromise the quality at play. In as much as you want to minimize cost, you should therefore be keen to make sure the traveler’s quality is of no compromise.

Another critical determinant before shopping for the Coleman trailers is durability. These campers are designed to last you through different seasons and years. The quality materials used in manufacture are not prone to rusting even when exposed to rust accelerating conditions.

Maximum durability demands proper maintenance. You should therefore be a person who is keen on observing any details and adequate monitoring of components to enhance the durability of your camper.

Generally, Coleman trailers enjoy high ratings, as most reviewers found the trailers livable with well-planned functional features.

Final Take Away

The Coleman brand has enjoyed a good reputation regardless of the respective manufacturer. Dutchmen are at the forefront in making sure that the excellent customer relation is here to last.

As part of maintaining the excellent reputation, Coleman travel trailers offer good quality with a reasonable price tag. If you are a newbie in RVs and trailers, then Coleman should be your line to explore.

With Coleman trailers, be assured to enjoy the high quality as you save on cost.

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