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With technology at play, many people have turned homes into offices. Just being in the house for a couple of months before a year ends can be slightly stressful, right. It would be better off creating time to be on-road taking adventures in a relaxed mode.

Gone are the days where traveling was nothing but total tiresome activity with long hours of sleeping on your laps as you anticipate the destination ahead. In came the travel leisure vans and the definition of traveling was a whole new one. From the kitchen to the lavatory, coffee office to beautiful beddings and much, these vans are the real deal during travels.

When planning for a travel, it’s best to consider the type of van you need for your journey and consider factors like the number of people you will travel with and finances. If touring with your family, a more extensive and spacious van should be the option. 

This research takes you through several leisure travel vans and what they offer in exchange for your money.

Van Wurks Volkswagen Type 1

van wurks volkswagen type 1
Van Wurks Volkswagen Type 1 @Pinterest

The camper van has firmly held the first position due to its model, structure, and outlook appearing. It has been modified in the UK whereby they strictly matched the interior trim with the painted pastel-hued. Features found in the Vans Wurks Volkswagen.

  • Fully fitted modern kitchen
  • LED spotted-floor
  • Variety disco seats     

Marchi Mobile Plazzio Superior van

marchi mobile plazzio superior van
Marchi Mobile Plazzio Superior van @Pinterest

If you’re looking for a super luxury camper van, you must go for Marchi Mobile Plazzio Superior van.

 It has several beautiful features that you must like. They include;

  • Huge gigantic TV
  • Spacious kitchen with a wine cabinet
  • Coffee making machine
  • Electric ice maker
  • Spacious sleeping room.
  • Comfortable seats.
  • Bathroom with a cold and warm shower.

Out of the Blue Nomad Vanz van

out of the blue nomad vanz van
Out of the Blue Nomad Vanz van @Pinterest

The nomad Vanz camper is an all-weather road mode in Canada. Having originated from the famous Mercedes sprinter cargo, the van has all the power and capabilities to traveling in all corners of the world.


  • Kitchen with a diesel stove
  • Dining table where you can relax excitedly while taking food
  • Well-fixed lavatory    
  • Contains 175litre tank
  • Side-mounted mountain bike.
  • Outside Van Off-Grid

Ford Terrier M-Sport van

ford terrier m sport van
Ford Terrier M-Sport van @Amazon

Do you like traveling on weekends mostly? Ford terrier m sport is the van for you. It has all the features that you must want to keep you more comfortable. The features include a bumper kit that is already complete, a kit suspension that is lowered, and a sill kit extension

Its model is one of the most elegant and appearing.

Ford terrier m sport has luxurious kinds of stuff that will make your journey complete. The features include;

  • Fresh water dispenser.
  • A 12V compressor fridge.
  • A high-quality sink.
  • Bathroom.

Knauss Boxstar 600 van

knauss boxstar 600 van
Knauss Boxstar 600 van @Pinterest

The Knauss boxstar 600 ranks top among vans to travel with your family. It comes with a variety makes for you to choose your preference. The van will accommodate people. It has four seats, four lifting beds. The best thing about the Knauss van is that the bed gives an enjoyable sleep due to its comforts.

Features found in the van.

  • It has a massive space to bathe with a shower cabin.
  • An excellent-sized kitchenette that will make cooking easier for the family.
  • It has roof vents that make it more appearing
  • It has a gas canister
  • The presence of a clean toilet also makes the journey relatively calm.

Dalbury E Electric van

dalbury e electric van
Dalbury E Electric van @Pinterest

This is the most OK electric van in the world. If you like traveling on roads rarely used, the van as mentioned above is just made for you. In terms of polluting the environment, Dalbury van becomes exceptional. 

Though the van is not much gigantic, it will offer the kind of home you’ll love. It entails

  • It has a sized fridge
  • Has a gas hob      
  • It has a bench where you can store clothes
  • It has a comfortable bed that you won’t regret sleeping on, I bet.

The best thing about the van is that you can travel on long holidays since it has a solar system installed for an effective cozy trip.  

VW Craft VanWorx van

vw craft vanworx van
VW craft vanworx van @Pinterest

The van is just excellent and extra powerful to travel on all-weather roads without any complications. Its model fits the choice of most people living in the world. If you like traveling with your family, VW Craft VanWorx must be your priority travel van. However, your family shouldn’t exceed four people.it has the following features

  • Less spacious kitchen
  • It contains a shower room.
  • Gigantic double bed that will accommodate four people
  • A sized fridge
  • Dinning spacious room.

Fiat Ducato Sunlight cliff 600 van

fiat ducato sunlight cliff 600
Fiat Ducato Sunlight cliff 600 @Pinterest

A sunlight cliff 600 is one of the most well-designed camper vans. If you like clean and attractive kinds of stuff, the van is for you. It has been modeled in Germany to catch the eye of every stylish person.

It has the following features

  • A spacious washroom
  • Vast water storage     
  • A fine structured kitchen that has a sink
  • A large doubled-bed
  • It also has a vast space to store your mountain bike and other important gargets needed in your journey.  

Benchmark Ford Transit van

benchmark ford transit
Benchmark Ford Transit van @Amazon

Ford Transit is another excellent travel van. It makes traveling in the forests and other dark places easy for its vast bar lights, vast and powerful tires, and the mounted spare wheel located on the back door. The van has several features to make your trip more fantastic.

  • It has a big fridge
  • It contains a spacious kitchen.
  • Has a vast bathroom.           
  • It has a doubled bed to accommodate you and your clothes.

Travelling has been made plenty easy. Depending on your pocket, you can decide to own your preferred travel van or hire one. Since adventuring has been made more accessible, all the stressful pieces of stuff like where to take lunch, among other things, have been eliminated. Travel safe with these vans as you enjoy nature and gain more experience.  

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