Oliver Travel Trailers

In 2007, the Oliver family had a goal that would see them produce the best fiberglass travel trailers ever seen in the market. With this goal in mind, the Oliver Company has engineered unique double-shelled campers to last a lifetime.

Oliver trailers encompass features and specifications which provide durability, strength, super insulation, and ease of maintenance. For a price tag of $54,500, the Legacy Oliver trailers leave a long-lasting memory to any outdoor adventurer.

Models of Oliver trailers

The trailers come in two major unique models:

  • Legacy Elite
  • Legacy Elite II

In this article, we explore more about the two legacies.

Legacy Elite Travel Trailer

The Legacy Elite is the smallest and lightest of the two models.

It comes equipped with unique features compared to any other trailers of its size.

However, this small cozy trailers brings with it lots of other features as listed in categories below:

Interior Features

  • Full Surround Over-Head Lighted Storage Compartments       
  • Lighted Wardrobe Closet       
  • EZ Winterizing System  
  • Remote Control Ventilator System      
  • Self-Igniting Water Heater      
  • Fresh Water Pump     
  • Dometic High-Efficiency Unit
  • Wall Mount Thermostat 
  • Self-Igniting Furnace
  • Tanks and Batteries Monitoring System
  • White Day and Night Window Treatments       
  • Overhead LED Lights    
  • LED Floor Lights 
  • Reading Light Package  
  • Frosted or Black Cabin and Bathroom Cabinet Doors
  • Fire Extinguisher        
  • Smoke, Gas, and Carbon dioxide Detectors with Alarm   
  • Emergency Egress Window
  • Water Accumulator     
  • 120-Volt Receptacles   
  • 12V and 5V Dual Charging Stations
  • Side and Rear Dinette convertible to Single Bed each.

Hull features

  • 15 Gallon Design Capacity Black Water Tank
  • 32 Gallon Design Capacity Fresh Water Tank
  • 32 Gallon Design Capacity Grey Water Tank
  • Custom-Designed Storage Drawers      
  • Custom Molded Fiberglass Spare Tire Cover
  • Custom Molded Interior and Exterior Insulated Shells
  • Flush Mount Burner Stove      
  • High Rise Swivel Faucet  
  • Kitchen Features.
  • Molded Fiberglass LP Cover
  • Plumbing, Holding Tanks, and Drain Pipes
  • Refrigerator     
  • Stainless Steel Microwave
  • Tank Pressure flushing system.

Bathroom Features

  • Brushed Nickel Faucet   
  • Central Heat Vent
  • Dometic 311 Toilet
  • Exhaust Fan     
  • Mirror Tinted Glass Door        
  • Sliding Frosted Window  
  • Toiletry Storage  
  • Towel bar Hook  

Exterior Features

  • 2 High Mount Porch Lights      
  • 24” Flat Screen LCD TV.
  • City Water Direct Hook Up      
  • Custom Enclosed Slide-Out Battery Storage      
  • Custom Mounted Speakers
  • Dual Exterior Coax Satellite Cable
  • Entertainment features.
  • Entry Handgrip  
  • Exterior Ground Lighting        
  • External 12OV GFCI Protected Outlet  
  • Foldable Double-Entry Steps     
  • Fresh Water Fill Hook-Up       
  • LED Brake Lights        
  • LED Marker Lights       
  • Marine Grade Shore Power Connection  
  • Powered Pro Awning outside Wash Station       
  • Propane Easy Access Port
  • Radio with FM and AM, Audio Output, Bluetooth and Remote Control DVD, CD/MP/WMA/MP4, USB,   
  • Rear High Mount Oliver Sign     
  • Sliding Thermal Pane Windows  
  • Three-Point Power Stabilizer  

Electric features

  • 110V Outlets on GFI Protected Circuit    
  • EMS Surge Protector    
  • Charging Stations
  • 12V DC marine-grade female socket
  • Dual USB 5V adapters   
  • Exterior Plug and Play Port for Solar Panels

Legacy Elite II Trailer

The Legacy Elite II Trailer copies all its features from the Elite. However, there is some slight disparity between the two. This model is more extensive and spacious enough to accommodate up to 5 people.

Besides, it sits on a double axle chassis, thus making it more stable. Unlike the Elite, which only has a standard floor plan, the Elite II combines both the Standard and Twin Bed Floor plan.

The Elite II Standard floor plan includes a large rear table, which primarily serves as a dining area. This table can is convertible into a bed, unlike that of an Elite Trailer. The Twin Bed Floor plan on the other end comprises two complete beds with an intermediate storage drawer and shared overhead storage illuminated with LED.

Apart from these features, the Oliver Travel Trailers stands out among other RVs because:

Easy to tow

Oliver Trailer chassis is made of an aluminum frame, thus making it strong but light. The frame is galvanized with steel to help resist corrosion. With the easy to tow design, buyers without heavy SUVs or off-road Pickup also have a chance to experience the beauty of these moving apartments.

Hulled Fiberglass Shell

Enclosed between the hulled fiberglass shells are Water tanks, plumbing pipes and ducts, barrier bubble insulation, and other mechanical systems. This helps in maximizing the space inside the trailer.

Custom Styling and Personalization

The company allows you to select your desired styles from various awning colors and flooring upholstery. You also have a choice over the interior décor and the exterior graphics. The available décor cloth and ultra-fabric packages are:

  • Alps Decor cloth Package
  • Alps decor ultra-fabric package
  • Desert decor cloth package
  • Desert decor ultra-fabric package
  • Forest decor cloth package
  • Forest decor ultra-fabric package
  • Midnight décor cloth package
  • Midnight decor ultra-fabric package
  • Storm decor cloth package
  • Storm decor ultra-fabric package

The exterior graphic options include custom metallic colors and labels as per your wish.

Tons of Add-Ons and Upgrade Packages

The add-ons and packages comprise of:

  • A lithium battery
  • A Convenience connection that powers the trailer before accessing the next power source.
  • 340 or 240 Watt Charge Controlled Solar
  • Watt Inverter
  • 4G mobile phone booster
  • Electronic door locks and handles
  • Wireless security and backup cameras
  • Electric auto drain backflow preventer
  • Bumper receiver
  • Aluminum storage basket
  • Satellite TV Antenna that quickly switches between DIRECTV, Bell TV, and DISH.
  • A Wine guard Carryout Satellite Receiver.
  • Omnidirectional Antenna.
  • KTT Latex Mattress.

Purchase Financing

From manufacture experience, design benefits, quality assurance to Product finance, you don’t need to save hard and hit retirement age before owning the Ollie trailer.

Oliver partners with Epic Finance to offer 20-year credit terms for any potential buyer. You can therefore get a trailer and pay for it slowly as long as the Legacy lives on.

Plenty of after-sale services

Contrary to many other manufacturers, Oliver has a robust after-sale service scheme. First, they educate any newbie on how to use the trailer and proper maintenance ways. As if not enough, your first vacation or night out is fully covered, after which you enjoy several warranty offers for any breakdown or failures-which never happen anyway.

Based on this review, it is fair to state that Oliver has set the standards very high as far as the travel trailer industry is concerned. Therefore, it is your turn to buy the Oliver Trailer and feel just how high the standards bar stands.

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