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If you had a free pass to travel anywhere in the world, where would you go and why did you just pick Novi Sad? When you mention travel, Serbia isn’t exactly on the tips of everyone’s tongue. However, that is about to change when you discover the absolute gem that is Novi Sad. It is Serbia’s second largest city after the capital, Belgrade. Unlike the capital, Novi Sad is a quiet picturesque city that has superb visual offerings to satiate any traveler’s senses. Let’s see what this gem has to offer.

A city sight sweep

Take a city tour of the best places in town. Take in the city’s attractions in one afternoon using one of the local touring companies. Consider this an introduction to the city before you take a deep dive into Novi Sad. The best time to travel to Novi Sad would be during fair weather in the spring or fall. However, if you are willing to brave the 27°f (-3°c) winter-cold, the snow-covered white mountain caps await you. You can start your sightseeing from Belgrade if you take a train or a bus. The trip will take you between half an hour to 90 minutes depending on your transport choice.

Visit the “Fortress Never Infiltrated’

Do not leave Novi Sad without visiting this historic site. History has it that the Petrovaradin Fortress was never infiltrated in any of the wars that happened in Serbia at any time. The only effect wars had on this magnificent building was its building progress. It took almost a century to complete. However, presently it is one of the most visited places in Serbia. Fun fact, the Danube River is on the other side of the fortress. Two Instagram-ready locations for the price of one! If you time your holiday well, you might just catch the Exit Festival and make a memory with the ‘Drunk Clock’.

See more architecture

Novi Sad takes great pride in its architectural marvels. The buildings are sure to dazzle you! Streets are lined with colorful houses with unique approaches in design and execution. Dunavka Street takes you right back to the 19th century with its array of colorful buildings. This is a favorite spot for lovers as it has all the delights of streets only read about in books. You will find souvenir shops, markets, churches, and eateries along these streets. Wind up with a picnic at Danube Park in lush green grass. This street is pedestrian-only so take your time and get acquainted with the beauty.

How about a hike?

If you are feeling energetic, Fruska Gora is a dream location. It is located in the mountain area of Vojvodina. There are parks, nature trails, hills, and mountains that will give you a good stretch to sap that extra energy you have. The area is also a host to monasteries and a national park that will have you daydreaming about fields all afternoon. In the winter, the mountain area forms a rugged backdrop to a city that has seen all kinds of strife. You can find shallow waters and indulge some of the locals in a friendly game of Picigen.

Partake the local cuisine

European cuisine doesn’t have as solid a reputation as other exotic cuisines. However, Novi Sad has some great wine and honey made by monks in the Krusedol monastery. While you’re on the subject of engaging your palette, have a serving of the local favorite, ćevapčići. These sausages can be paired with wine or the rajika, a local fruit-based moonshine. The Salaš -farms-  are a great place to learn about Serbian food culture.

Experience the art scene

Old cities value their art. Novi Sad boasts some of the best churches, synagogues, and art museums in the Balkan area. The churches are marvels from the outside. Inside, they are a breathtaking display of artwork by artists and builders. Sremski Karlovci is a town of only 9,000 people. However, it is one of the most beautiful places in Nova Sad. The Museum of Vojvodina and the City Museum of Novi Sad will teach you about the town and its history. You can also visit the Gallery of Matica Srpska

Sample the nightlife

The Novi Sad nightlife may not be as electric as Belgrade but you will get the best out of what the city has to offer. Enjoy the local brew, and even some Irish beer served at local eateries that only operate at night. They are sure to give you an experience to write about! Meat and craft beer lovers will appreciate places like Tehnologs bar. Paradiso is a favorite with big deejays from the capital. Beer prices start from a dollar fifty while wines and cocktails cost between $5 to $25.

Buy something

No trip is complete without a commemorative purchase. The streets are lined up with shops that sell unique tapestry, art, and clothes. Visit places such as Zeleznicka to get antiques, Zmaj Jovina 18 for leather stuff, Mercator Mall, and FutosKa Pijaca for clothes and fresh produce.

Sandy beaches

What’s a trip to a town with a coastline without a bit of sand between your toes? The Danube offers an ideal blend of nightlife, sandy beaches, and a great climate. It’s the perfect setting. The Strand, as it’s known, is lined with quaint hangouts. You can have your drinks as you enjoy the view on the banks of Europe’s second-largest river.

Visit Trg Slobode Freedom Square

The best way to close a Novi Sad tour is to go to the historic Freedom Square and take stock of all the memories you have made in such a short time. This place is surrounded by historic statues, buildings, and sounds that delight the senses. You better have your camera in hand to do a 360 sweep of the surroundings. The skyline is dotted with cathedral roofs and artistic buildings that make superb postcards. You can see most of Novi Sad’s most important buildings at this plaza. Once done taking it all in, close your tour with a prayer at the Name of Mary Church right at Trg Slobode.



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