Top 10 Things to do in Timisoara, Romania



Traveling is an expansion of the mind with the additional benefit of leisure. Traveling to Timisoara in Western Romania is to gift yourself a calm experience in one of the Balkan’s historical places. Timisoara is regarded as the cosmopolitan hub of Romania. Despite giving off the allure of a sleepy town as you enter the city, it’s the city itself that will leave you in awe of its old world charm. The people are friendly and the environment is just right for a serene getaway.

Here’s a breakdown of what you should do when you get to Timisoara Romania.

The town tour

You should never deny yourself a guided city tour if it is your first time going to a new place. You can enhance your experience by taking a bus or a train from the main capital of Romania to Timisoara. You will get a sense of the landscape, the weather, and the appeal of the country before you start your tour. Timisoara has various companies that offer free guided tours of the city to give you a glimpse of some of the city attractions. Mark the places and take in the sights and sounds of the place. Note where you’d like to visit once you are on your own.

Visit the squares

Timisoara has a rich history of conquests. The Piaţa Unirii is a gorgeous square in the city. It is one of the most visited sites in the region – and for good reason. It is surrounded by buildings that speak of Austrian influence. The architecture around is influenced by the Baroque aesthetic. Despite the traffic in the square, it is a clean, paved area with a fountain in the middle of it that makes the entire place peaceful.

Piaţa Victoriei

Victory Square a beehive of pedestrian activity. While this area is dotted with all sorts of magnificent buildings like the Opera House and the Orthodox Metropolitan Cathedral, it’s the streets’ little restaurants and the lush manicured hedges that give this historic location so much color. Get an early start on the cuisines here as you people-watch. You can close the Victory Square visit with a photo session alongside the Capitoline wolf monument.

 Indulge in the arts

What’s a country tour without the city’s art scene? The 150-year old Romanian opera house plays host to some of the most glorious classical music you will hear. Tickets are affordable if you are traveling on a thin budget. After that, you can visit the 1989 Revolution Museum to learn some history about Communist rule by the Oligarchy.

The art in Timisoara Romania is incredible. You can catch an eyeful at the Timisoara Art museum. Here, you will find a collection of Romanian artists’ works across history. And if you love freebies, the final museum tour should you show take is found at the Museum of the Communist Consumer. The artifacts here are a show and tell of the history of Romania complete with working appliances.

See and smell the flowers

Timisoara is known as ‘The City of Flowers’. Roses Park is perhaps one of the best-known parks in Romania. During the spring, it erupts into a burst of color with flowers blooming. Its not just a flower park, though. It goes way back to 1891 when it was supposed to host the 1891 Universal Exposition with Emporer Franz Joseph I as a guest. It might have taken a beating in the first World War but it was replanted. If you travel around during August, you can catch the Festival of Opera and Operetta. It’s a common ground for movie screening and concerts.

Go to The Village Museum of Banat

The Village Museum of Banat is a unique place that gives you a glimpse of 19th-century Romania. It’s a realistic set that takes you deep into the life and surroundings of Banatian. The rugged houses and surroundings are truly a gem. It’s accessible by bus. Fares are low and the roads are accessible. However, you may need a translator or a firm grasp of the local languages if you plan on having the best time here.

Fill up on Romanian and European cuisine

There is an unwritten rule that dictates you must sample the food culture of anywhere you travel. Fortunately, Timisoara is a melting pot of many cultures. As such, the food scene is vibrant. The streets are lined with cafés that offer great food and beverages. You can sample popular joints such as Hotel Angellis, the Timisoara Hotel, and the Tresor Hotel. Timisoara has some Italian influence as seen in places like Pizza la Maria. You can sample Romania’s own twist to pizza as well. And, if you happen to be here in April, make sure to catch the Vinvest Food Festival.

Tour the religious buildings

Europe has magnificent religious buildings. Timisoara has a heavy Roman influence. The churches and synagogues such as the House of Prince Eugen of Savoya, The Roman Catholic Cathedral, and The Synagogue on Marasesti Street are artworks on their own. The interiors feature stained glass, classic artwork, and statues. Outside, the architecture is mind-blowing. It borrows from different Central European cultures. Many works have been preserved. No trip is complete without a visit to the religious buildings. The Orthodox Cathedral also boasts an art gallery that is a must see.

Enjoy the street art

The street art scene in Timisoara is absolutely vibrant and full of life. There’s a bridge in Strada Marasesti where you can purchase street art as take-homes (we highly suggest doing so). Some buildings also have incredible murals. Timisoara even hosts an international Street Arts Festival. Make sure you pass by Strada Alba Iulia to see the colorful umbrella canopy.

Botanical Park

You can round off your trip with a visit to the lush Botanical Park. Here, you can take in the well-manicured hedges, flower arrangements, and the overall green aesthetic. It’s an incredible 10-hectare (24.7 acres) piece of land that houses over 200 species of plants. It’s perfect for couples looking for a quiet romantic walk before departing Timisoara.

Fair warning. Timisoara can get chilly in the winter. However, if white and mystical is your kind of aesthetic, give it a go.