6 Things to Know When Visiting Barcelona

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Traveling is an innovative, unique, and uplifting activity present from ancient times. Diverse cultures, new people, ideas, and destinations will exceptionally widen your mindset.

This industry is one of the most prominent magnates in the global economy. The reason behind this is a simple fact that everybody loves to travel.

When talking about prime traveling destinations, we must mention that this is an individual thing. However, some countries hold the best traveling locations for decades. One of them is Spain for countless number of reasons.

Madrid, Seville, Granada, The canary islands, and Barcelona are landmarks when talking about this country. However, we must point out that Barcelona is our favorite and a prime traveling destination. Why? Well, we’ve made a list of reasons to support this claim.

1. History

Did you know that the initial social settlement in Barcelona dates back to the neolithic age? The Roman Empire founded this city by setting up a Barcino (Iberian settlement) colony in the 1st century BC- the most significant Roman village outside Rome. Besides the Roman culture, many nations have left their mark here, including Visigoths, Franks, and even Napoleon.

People of this city have witnessed and fought the most memorable battles and succeeded in defeating various attackers for centuries. There are not many cities in the world with a deep and rich culture like here, and be sure to explore this trait. When planning out a trip to Barcelona, don’t forget to book some of Spain’s most visited tours regarding the origins of this city and get to know its history personally.

2. Traditional Food

Spanish cuisine is one of the most recognized in the world. Barcelona, the capital of the Catalan society, is heaven for gourmands and food lovers. Many of these local dishes date back to even thousands of years. Esqueixada, Escalivada, Mato, Crema Catalana, Tapas, Paella, La bomba, Canelons are only some we highly recommend trying, but keep in mind that there is more to this list depending on your taste and individual preferences.

If you want to feel and eat like a local, grab a late dinner, which is typical for Barcelona since many restaurants and bars don’t open until 9 p.m.

3. Be Safe and Ride Safe

Barcelona is famous for many things, but not all are good. For first time visitors, it is essential to mention that pickpocketing and thefts are pretty standard here.

Spain, especially Barcelona, presents one of the top places globally to get robbed or mugged. Tourist areas are full of people with last intentions, and this city holds a bad reputation regarding the subject. Just be cautious, don’t forget to think about your possessions, and you will be safe while touring.

Although subway, taxi, and public transportation are quite soothing for many, accidents seem to happen here often. Riding the tube is a risky business since many thieves like the crowd and see numerous robbing opportunities here while taxis are known to take longer routes to get more from tourists. Public transportation is irregular, and business-driven people, along with more demanding tourists, often search for an alternative when visiting Barcelona.

If you value punctuality, luxury vehicles, professionalism, and comfort, consider renting a limousine service in Barcelona to travel carefree and book online. If you’re not familiar with the process of renting limousines make sure to check out some of these handy tips.

4. The Sagrada Familia

When visiting Barcelona don’t miss out on the opportunity to visit one of the most exceptional temples out there. The Sagrada Familia is visited by thousands daily. The legendary architect Antoni Gaudi stands behind this magnificent creation, making it possibly one of the world’s most recognized churches. It is not yet complete, but the final plan contains 18 spires, the reason why it will be the tallest church ever.

Although it looks like a cathedral, it is a minor basilica, hence the name church. The interior, exterior, stained glass windows, and details speak of magnificence this place holds for years and centuries. If you pay extra and have time, go up to one of the church towers and experience a fantastic view from the top of the Sagrada Familia.

5. Best Time to Visit Barcelona

Depending on personal preferences and interests, it is essential to choose the right season and period for visiting Barcelona. Spring is usually one of the best times to travel here since the weather is pleasant, it’s not overcrowded, and many festivals and fiestas occur.

Visit Calcotada, a festival for young, free-spirited, and outgoing people. If beaches are your thing, summer is undoubtedly the best season regarding swimming and sunbathing. However, keep in mind that in August, tourists tend to overcrowd the city, the seaside, and the weather can be unbearable, so many avoid this specific period. Those who enjoy smaller crowds and moderate climate should consider visiting Barcelona in September or October.

6. Free Museum Day

There is a special museum day every month, and you can find this information in almost every tourist guide regarding Barcelona. A vast majority of museums here offer free days to visit every month. If you are on a budget and museums are not on your list, think again.

This offer is mostly active on the last Sunday of each month. Don’t miss out on an opportunity to visit one of these museums for free. The most famous museums in Barcelona include The Museum of Chocolate, Erotic Museum, FC Barcelona Museum, Picasso Museum and many more. It is crucial to conduct the right research regarding museums according to your interests (and interests of the group if you are traveling with friends).

Barcelona is undoubtedly on the top when it comes to the best travel destinations globally, containing various sights, cultures, beaches, tours, venues, and experiences for everyone.

This list is not definite, meaning there are many activities and information you should research and inform yourself of before visiting Barcelona. Don’t forget to buy a dictionary, grab a tourist guide or two and explore numerous options this unique city offers. However, don’t forget to book online and make your stay here more comfortable and completely stress-free.

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