Top 10 things to do in Fairhope, Alabama

Top 10 things to do in Fairhope, Alabama

Are you looking to tour a place where you can visit an exotic seaside destination? Do you want some relief from the hustle and bustle of the ornate city? Well, we would suggest you plan a trip to Fairhope, Alabama, which lies as a beacon of the model colony, based on equality, co-operation, and of course, free from all private monopolies. Founded in 1894, the city is proudly established as a boutique seaside resort and is a well-known affluent suburb. 

Apart from shopping, dining, drinking, and clubbing, there are a plethora of activities, which are on our top 10 list today to aid your planning for a vacation here. Here are the top ten things to do while you visit Alabama, Fairhope. 

1. Fairhope Municipal Pier

Visit the Fairhope Municipal Pier, a good location for the winter ducks, terns, gulls, and loons. While you walk along the beach, you can observe wading birds, shorebirds, and peeps. Designed for the purpose of fishing and strolling, here you have facilities like pier feature bench, restrooms, covered areas, restaurant, and an arena. You don’t require a penny for walking along the shoreline, but of course, a license for fishing. The park shelters a lovely fountain, a rose garden, pavilion, picnic tables, tree trail, duck pond, and not to mention a large sandy beach. If you are a non-resident, you will be charged park admission fee during the summer season. 

In addition to the waterfront, you will find numerous bluff top parks extending along the bayfront. 

2. Fairhope Avenue

While you are in Fairhope town, visit Fairhope Avenue, which takes the shape of a fairy tale town from November to April. Experience the magnificent white lightning of trees along the sides of the road where everybody gathers to enjoy the magical experience of hot cocoa, Santa Claus, high school orchestra, snowblowers, and many more. 

Never miss the chance of visiting the Fairhope Museum, Windmill Market, Eastern Shore Art Center, and the Fairhoper’s Community Park. 

3. Fairhope Museum of History

Visit the Fairhope Museum of History and learn the history of Fairhope from the valuable exhibits and collections. The showcased artifacts allow the future generation to learn more about the place by the program called ‘All Things Fairhope.’ You will get to know all about Fairhope’s founders, the town jail, single tax theory, jubilee phenomenon, and other alluring displays. 

Visit the Mezzanine Gallery for large changing exhibits like Stewart, The Picture Man, history of pottery, Baldwin County’s contribution in the Civil War, and the Fairhopians fighting World War II. 

4. Tolstoy Park

Don’t miss visiting the Tolstoy Park, which is referred to as the unusual home of Henry Stuart. The small hut situated in the middle of the park was known as the ‘Hermit of Montrose.’ The story of the house hovers around Henry Stuart, who was 65 years old in 1923 when he was diagnosed with tuberculosis and was advised by doctors to move to Alabama from Idaho, which is a bit warmer place. Once in Alabama, Stuart built for himself, a simple round and hurricane-resistant home, which is 14 feet in diameter and is fashioned from hand-made concrete blocks and bricks.

The characteristic feature of the house was that the floor level was fixed at 16 inches below the surroundings so as to maintain stable interior temperature. See the visitor’s log, a book that displays 1200 names, which is now a treasured asset. 

5. Fairhope Brewing Company

Fairhope proudly possesses a brewing company, established in 2012, which was initiated by a bunch of beer lovers. You will find the best quality locally crafted beer with the finest taste ever. Presently, you will have the opportunity to taste 14 kinds of beer and ciders. There’s a wide range of flavors that will surely hit the variety of taste buds you have. Here you will get everything in stock like stouts, IPA’s, fruited beers, ports, crisp golden awe, and many other popular varieties. 

6. Gator Alley Boardwalk

If you take a peep into history, you will find that Daphne was discovered by the Spanish explorers around 1557. Valuable excavated relics show that people living in Alabama, Tensaw, Choctaw, used to live in the area well before 1557. The community of Daphne that existed prior to 1763 was known as ‘The Village.’ Traces of Italian heritage were found here, which contributed to the field of agriculture and traditional food, wine. Daphne was incorporated in 1927, with a mere population of 500. 

Visit the place to understand the past as well as to know about its future prospects. 

7. Gambino’s Italian Grill

Eat at the Gambino’s Italian Grill while you are in Fairhope. It was established way back in 1975 by Gari and Tick Gambino. This restaurant offers the best of Italian seafood, classics, steaks, entertainment, and of course, a great ambiance. The walls of the restaurant have experienced many tales. Laughter, love, great meal, and great wine are all a part of Gambino’s life. 

Well, you may carry home some remembrance in the form of unique products the restaurant offers to sell like the salad dressing and other sauces. 

8. Rock Creek Golf Club

In case you are a great fan of golf, you have a great opportunity here to accomplish your quest. The Rock Creek Golf Club was designed by the renowned veteran golf course architect Earl Stone. This 18-hole Baldwin County golf course has a stretch of 6,900 yards and is the perfect fun for the long hitters. It’s fun and motivating for those players who love playing from the forward tees. 

The golf course is well-maintained and has manicured tree line and popular for golfers of all caliber, also known for the fun-loving locals who love to visit the club regularly. 

9. Gulf State Park

Located on the west coast of the city of Alabama, there is the presence of white sun-kissed beaches, which have beautiful views of seagulls, surging surf, and seashells that are ready to salute you with open arms. The Gulf State Park is a sprawling natural park that has facilities like camping, hiking, trailing, and fishing. You will find an 18-hole golf course along with a 900-acre lake for fishing, and also some places for water skiing. 

There are nature programs along with picnic areas for people to enjoy. 

10. Orange Beach

If you are looking for a great family vacation spot, then Orange Beach will be the ideal place as it offers a wonderful site for dining, dolphin sighting, and championship golf courses. You may choose from a variety of hotels on the sea beach for your stay.

You will also have the opportunity to enjoy a plethora of exciting activities like camping, nightlife, a rocking roadhouse, and also family entertainment. Not just that, you will also get to see the beautiful sunset and sunrise from your room, it’s simply magical. 

The best time to visit Fairhope, Alabama, is from March to May. If you want to visit the beautiful Mobile Bay, then Fairhope will be the ideal one in all packages that reflect the true spirit of camping, fishing, enjoying along the beach, eating out at a restaurant, visiting the brewing company, and many more. Keep exploring exotic places in the US and unfold the never-ending excitement of happening trips.

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