Top 10 things to do in Getaria, Spain

Top 10 things to do in Getaria, Spain

Spain is not just a country, but a whole emotion. It is so beautiful that no amount of time spent there will feel enough. The same is the case with Getaria. This beautiful town in Spain is a perfect holiday destination. To help you with your planning, here is our article with a list of the 10 most amazing things that you would like to do during your visit here. To find out more about it, keep reading!

1. Delve into the depths of the world of fashion with Cristóbal Balenciaga Museoa

Any fashion freaks here? Well, if the answer is yes, then you would definitely love to visit the beautiful Cristóbal Balenciaga Museoa. It is a whole new world for the ones who are interested in fashion. There are several fashion exhibitions organized here from time to time, and if you are interested, you can also check out some. One thing is for sure – you will definitely love the wonderful experience. Opened in the year 2011, Cristóbal Balenciaga Museoa has gained popularity really quickly and is now a major tourist attraction.

2. San Anton is all set to show you some of the best scenic views possible

This is the thing about Spain. You have both – wonderful beaches and beautiful mountains to visit. San Anton is an absolutely wonderful tourist attraction. You are bound to fall in love with its beauty. If you are daring enough and can hike up to its top, the scenic view is absolutely stunning. What is more is that it is a beautiful island, as well. Here you could enjoy some quality time with yourself or with your partner. Either way, you are going to love all of it because it is stunningly beautiful.

3. Church of San Salvador (Guetaria) is a place where you will find solace for your soul

You sure have seen many churches, but perhaps you have not seen anything as beautiful as the Church of San Salvador (Guetaria). It is absolutely wonderful. It is so beautiful that it is considered to be one of the best examples of Gothic architecture in Gipuzkoa. In fact, in the year 1895, this temple was declared to be the National Monument. Great, is not it? This beautiful church probably dates back to the late 15th century and the early 16th century. It is a truly remarkable piece of art and architecture. Once you visit it, you will find solace for your soul for sure.

4. If you love nature, Pagoeta Nature Reserve is the place that you should totally visit

If Mother Nature is your one true love, you should visit the Pagoeta Natural Reserve right away and the moment you see it, be assured, you are going to fall hopelessly in love with it. It is the perfect place for you to visit if you want to relax, rejuvenate and unwind. This serene place will give you all the peace of mind that you always wanted. And it is for this reason that this natural reserve is now a major tourist attraction. Besides, the scenic views here are absolutely stunning. You will not be able to take your eyes away from them. All in all, it will simply be a wonderful experience visiting here.

5. Iturraran will bring you right into the lap of Mother Nature

Located right inside the Pagoeta Nature Reserve, Iturraran Botanical Garden is an absolute feast to your eyes. It is so beautiful that once you visit it, you will not be able to walk away from it. It is wonderful. The variety of flora here is bound to mesmerize and amaze you. One thing is for sure. You will be left awestruck, mesmerized, and amazed by this place. It is 20 hectares of absolute magnificence, and there is no way that you will not fall in love with it. The best part about it is that, no matter what the season is, it is equally magnificent.

6. Conjunto Ferro Molinero de Agorregi is an absolute must-visit

This is also situated right inside the nature reserve, and this, too, is a place that you are bound to like. If you like ironworks, you should not miss out on Conjunto Ferro Molinero de Agorregi. It is something that will completely mesmerize you. This is a place that has remained undisturbed by the passage of time and is a perfect example of the Basque culture. Dating back to as early as the 18th century, this place is now one of the popular tourist attractions.

7. Gaztetape is a beach worth visiting

You cannot evade the beautiful beaches in Spain. No matter where you go, they will just keep following you. One of the many wonderful beaches in Spain is the Gaztetape beach in Getaria. It is absolutely wonderful and a major tourist attraction. You will simply love this beach. There are beautiful wall-like structures built around the beach that are not only of historical importance but also they make the beach look really good. So, when you visit Getaria, make sure that you do not miss out on this wonderful beach.

8. Do not forget to visit the Monument to Juan Sebastián Elcano 

When you are in Getaria, you cannot really afford to miss out on the Monument to Juan Sebastián Elcano. It is so famous that it has almost become a landmark. This imposing monument is a fine example of architecture and is absolutely stunning.

9. Playa de Malkorbe Hondartza is an absolute beauty

When in Spain, you definitely have to visit some wonderful beach because that is what Spain is mostly about. A major tourist attraction, Playa de Malkorbe Hondartza, is a beach worth visiting. Bright and probably a little crowded with both tourists and locals, this is a place where you can not only enjoy some absolutely stunning scenic views but also could mix with a few locals and get to know about the place in more detail. No matter what you do, you are going to love it anyway!

10. Getaria Lighthouse or Faro de Getaria is eagerly waiting for you

The Getaria Lighthouse is something that you should not miss out on at any cost. The reason behind it is that without visiting it, your visit to this wonderful place will forever remain incomplete. Although this lighthouse has immense historical significance dating back to as early as 1862, it is functional to this very day. Besides, it being functional, it is a major tourist attraction as well because the scenic view you get to see from here is incredibly stunning. You certainly would not want to miss out on this beautiful thing. Faro de Getaria is a beauty worth beholding.

Getaria is a truly amazing place to spend your vacation in. It is simply magical. There is no one who will not fall in love with this beautiful place. So, go get your bags packed and head out for this stunning location because it is waiting to welcome you with open arms.

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