Top 10 things to do in Hallstatt, Austria

Top 10 things to do in Hallstatt, Austria

Do you want to visit a quaint traditional village in Europe? Then give a thought to Hallstatt, situated in Western Austria. Linked by roads to the cities of Salzburg and Graz, the beauty of this mountainous is very much at par with the lakes, which has got the status of the UNESCO world heritage site. Apart from lakes, mountains, and other historical places, there are also other exciting activities that a visitor can do. 

We would highly recommend any visitor to plan a ‘nature trip’ to Hallstatt, Austria. Well, with so many great places to explore, the entire trip would undoubtedly be a photographer’s delight. 

Top 10 Things to do in Hallstatt, Austria
Hallstatt, Austria @ucuzabilet

Things to do in Hallstatt, Austria

1. Visit the Hallstatter See 

The Hallstatter See is a spectacular mountain lake situated in Austria’s Salzkammergut region, lying at the Northern front of the Dachstein mountain range. Surrounded by deeply wooded slopes and fjord-like structures, the lake is spread over 8 km in length, 2 km in width, and is almost 125 meters deep. You will find some lovely villages like Obertraun, Steeg, which line along its shores.

You may indulge in various activities like fishing, diving, and boating in flat bottomed traditional boats. Hire an electric pedal boat to ride along the lake or hike along the trail surrounding the mountains.

Top 10 Things to do in Hallstatt, Austria
Visit the Hallstatter See in Hallstatt, Austria @koriza_ru

2. Hallstatt’s Old town and Market Square

Positioned in the southwestern shore of Hallstatter See, is the little market village. The marketplace derives its name from the nearby salt mine, and surrounded by traditional houses with their balconies draped in flower. You will find the elegant Holy Trinity Statue. Shops and terrace cafes are lined up along the square. 

Don’t miss one of the popular photo points in the Romisches district, which is just some lapses away from the Marktplatz.

Also, pay a visit to the Evangelical Church of Hallstatt, a 19th-century structure. 

Top 10 Things to do in Hallstatt, Austria
Evangelical Church of Hallstatt @alvincwt

3. Hallstatt Salt World and the Skywalk

Walk underground through the mystical tunnels to discover the wild beauty of the Hallstatter Hochtals.

Presumably, it has places where mining of salt started around 7000 years ago, and the miners penetrated deep to find the ‘white gold.’ With 60% salinity, 21 horizons, and 22.5-kilometer walkable distance, this place is truly incredible.

Experience the feel of being amidst heaven and earth. Walk 360 meters above the roofs of the Hallstatt, and time will come to a standstill. While you walk 12 meters towards the tapering end, make sure you put your hands on the railing. You’ll feel the wild romantic beauty unfolding in front of your eyes. 

Top 10 Things to do in Hallstatt, Austria
Hallstatt Salt World @salzwelten_official

4. Dachstein Salzkammergut and the Five Fingers

This attraction opened to the public in October 2006. Built 500 meters above the ground, its viewing platform is in the shape of five fingers and protrudes over the sheer rock surface. 

The 5-fingers viewing platform is situated at a distance of 5 minutes from the cable point. No wonder this place has become the most rated tourist attraction of the stunning Dachstein region.

Top 10 Things to do in Hallstatt, Austria
Dachstein Salzkammergut @pbnjnodder

5. Dachstein Caves

Visit the Dachstein Caves, a completely reconstructed one, which will give you a chance unleashing the excitement of rock and ice. As you alight the ropeway to the caves, notice the color change effects on the stalactites, and the passageway is filled with the roar of the cave bear.

Be immersed in the light and music show, which gets fascinating on the glistening figures. Don’t miss the exhibition titled ‘Climatic change at the Dachstein.’ You will surely enjoy the show with your younger ones. 

Top 10 Things to do in Hallstatt, Austria
Dachstein Caves @joergen_hedegaard

6. Catholic Parish Church and Ossuary

The Catholic Parish Church is nestled within the mountains. There you will witness the presence of an ossuary, a contemplative mountain cemetery that attracts visitors from around the world. See the starting point of the colorful Corpus Christi Procession, which is regarded as the crime scene of one of the most coveted art thefts.

Historians say that the first Christian community was formed in 1050 AD, with a small Romanesque Church in 1181 AD. Make sure you avail of every opportunity of viewing these historical places.

Top 10 Things to do in Hallstatt, Austria
Ossuary @sailaforss

7. The World Heritage Museum 

The World Heritage Museum is one of the most popular attractions of Hallstatt. If you are curious about the fact, how Hallstatt people loved their crust, your answer lies with the objects on display in the museum. 

The multimedia technology will take you 7000 years back in the ancient salt town, where you’ll get to witness facts about the Great Fire of 1750. The spectrum spans of Celts, Romans, and Illyrians are an exciting spectacle.

Enjoy the 3D views, sword fight, and other activities that will bring the era alive. 

8. Admont Abbey

Visit the Admont Abbey, the resort town, most famous due to the presence of Benedictine Abbey. The church has a 70-meter tall twin tower, founded in 1704. The town is home to a nativity group from 1755. See the beautifully decorated Baroque Library, which has ceiling frescos and statues representing the Four Last Things (i.e., heaven, hell, death, and judgment). 

The monastery library has a fantastic collection of 100,000 volumes of books, 1100 manuscripts, and 900 books, which are, of course, early prints. Moreover, The Natural History Museum has the most extensive collection of birds, insects, minerals, and mammals. 

Top 10 Things to do in Hallstatt, Austria
Benedictine Abbey @afarmedia

9. St. Wolfgang 

This is a tiny town and a popular resort situated on the northeastern side of Wolfgangsee, which is located 36 kilometers northwest of the Hallstatt city. The town is famous all over in Europe for the White Horse Inn. 

If you take a walk around the town’s pleasant streetscape, you’ll see the Gothic Pilgrimage Church of St. Wolfgang. Rebuilt between 1429-1477, the tower was painted in the baroque style in the late 17th century.

Don’t miss to visit the place if you have a keen interest in exploring historic European towns. 

Top 10 Things to do in Hallstatt, Austria
St. Wolfgang @conni_lasko

10. Bad Aussee

The old market town of Bad Aussee is situated 17 kilometers west of Hallstatt. The old town has been the economic and cultural center of the Styrian salt-producing region. The picturesque town is noted for the modern resort and saltwater spa. Besides, this place is also known to be a popular water sports destination. 

The church located over here is a Gothic structure built in the 15th century AD and has winged altars along with shrine. The town is an excellent place for venturing out and exploring the surrounding countryside, having a myriad of narcissi flowering from mid-May to mid-June. 

Top 10 Things to do in Hallstatt, Austria
Bad Aussee @ysultanov

Best time to visit Hallstatt, Austria

The best time for visiting Hallstatt is from March to May and again from October to November. If you are a nature lover and love doing adventurous activities, Hallstatt will be the best choice. Be a photographer, hiker, nature lover, and last but not the least, enjoy the unspoiled nature. 

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