Top 10 things to do in Hot Springs, North Carolina

Top 10 things to do in Hot Springs, North Carolina

Hot Springs in North Carolina is a place that you must visit at least once in your life. You will love it! If you have been thinking of making a list of all the great things that you could do around here, we got you covered because this article lists the 10 most amazing things that you ought to do during your tour of Hot Springs. Carry on, read the article, and find out more about it.

1. Go on a great adventure at the Max Patch

If you are an adventurous soul trapped in a tourist’s body, Max Patch is the place for you to visit when you are at Hot Springs for your vacation. If you are someone who loves hiking, Max Patch has some awesome adventure in store for you as well. It is absolutely amazing. From the top of this hill, you can see the best scenic views. Also, this patch is all grass and no trees. Situated right in the Appalachian Trail, the hike up here can be a little challenging for the new hiker since it is a little steeper than usual. Nevertheless, the experience is going to be truly awesome.

2. Enjoy yourself completely at the Hot Springs Rafting Co.

The Hot Springs Rafting Co. is also for the daring at heart. If you are into some sort of water sports, you totally have to visit this wonderful place. You and your family can get a guided tour around here that will make you fall in love with the field trip, and it will be a great experience. If you feel that adventure is calling out to you, then you must try the Whitewater rafting over here. It is a genuinely daring experience that you will remember for a lifetime.

3. Hot Springs, NC’s Welcome Centre is where you would love to relax and rewind

If you are looking for a place to unwind in at North Carolina, you ought to visit the beautiful Hot Springs NC Welcome Centre. This place will relax and rejuvenate you, all at the same time. The place is so quiet, serene, and green that you will instantly fall in love with it. You could go for a wonderful and peaceful stroll across this beautiful place. It is simply magnificent and you will love it. Do you want to know the best part about it? This place has free Wi-Fi round the clock, and it is also not password protected! Yay!

4. Go hiking at the Lovers Leap Loop Trail

Age cannot limit a hiker to their desires, and that is exactly why the Lovers Leap Loop Trail is such a hit among the hiker tourists of all ages. It is not just extremely beautiful, but also its slope is such that even kids can go up for a hike. How wonderful is it? The length of the trail is just perfect for everybody. The scenic view here is totally awesome. The river atop the hill is so alluring that you would like to spend more time looking at it.

5. Open-air fun and adventure call you out at the Creek Ridge Camping

If camping is what excites you, then Creek Ridge Camping is the site that you would want to be in. It is wonderful. The campsite is so beautiful that you will not want to go away from it. The real charm about the place is that you get to sit under the stars in the open sky and have a campfire. Sing, dance, and revel with your friends, your family, or your fellow campers. At their camp stores, you will find all the camping essentials that you might need. No wonder the experience will be absolutely lovely and totally enchanting.

6. Artisun Gallery and Marketplace will please all the art lovers out there

If you are interested in art and also in some delightful snacks on every single morning, the Artisun Gallery and Marketplace is the place where you should head to. Not only can you buy some beautiful locally made souvenirs from here but also you get to taste some wonderful lattes, pastries, and other absolutely delicious snacks and you will love every single one of them. The most interesting thing is that every day, the snacks available here are changed, so literally, that every day is a new day with absolutely great new food. It is something that you would not want to miss, even for the world.

7. Enjoy some great southern food at the Smoky Mountain Diner

If you are looking for a place that could satiate your rumbling tummy’s hunger, the Smoky Mountain Diner is the perfect place for you. This restaurant serves absolutely authentic southern food. The food here will not just fill your tummy, but also it will warm your soul and soothe your heart. This is a perfect place for all the tourists who want to taste amazingly delicious and authentic southern food. The one word for this place is amazing, and the experience you will have is totally mind-blowing. The place is super clean, and on top of that, it has options for vegetarian as well as vegan burgers.

8. Enjoy the Laurel River Trail

This is something that you will absolutely enjoy. The Laurel River Trail might be really narrow, but it has lots of parking spaces, so visiting this place is never a problem. You can even say that this place is a family destination. There are swimming holes, and even you will find shops around here from where you can buy a variety of snacks which you can enjoy while you relish the beautiful scenic views from here. The experience here will be absolutely beautiful. The great news is that you will also be able to bring your loved doggy here.

9. Visiting the Appalachian Oasis is a must

When in North Carolina, you must absolutely visit the beautiful Appalachian Oasis. Without that, your visit to the Hot Springs will truly remain incomplete. It is the hot spring that is a major tourist attraction around here. There cannot be anything more relaxing than a wonderful hot spring. It is a truly relaxing and rejuvenating experience. The wonderful hot spring is your answer to every stress. The wonderful relaxing experience will also cure you of all your pains. It is simply amazing and experience of your lifetime.

10. Fall in love with the food at Iron Horse Station

If you are looking forward to a sumptuous meal that is absolutely authentic, you must definitely head to the Iron Horse Station. The food served here is nothing short of stunning and beautiful. It is affordable, as well as satisfying. The flavors are simply wonderful. You will definitely love the great food and would want more of it.0

How beautiful is the Hot Springs for you? Does this not make you want to plan a visit to this beautiful place on your next vacation? It is yes, right? Then think no more, just go ahead, and head out to this beautiful place. You will make great memories that are going to last for a lifetime.



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