Top 10 things to do in Lavenham, England

Top 10 things to do in Lavenham, England

Lavenham was known as one of the wealthiest settlements of England in the medieval period. You will find a fifteenth-century church, half-timbered medieval cottages, and circular walks in Lavenham, where history reverberates in every nook and corner. If you plan to visit a time-wrapped town with medieval charm, then there cannot be any place more perfect than Lavenham in England, the beautiful village with more than 300 buildings of historical importance.

We recommend the following 10 places as they are a must-visit while you plan your Lavenham tour. 

1. See the Lavenham Guildhall

Built around 1530, the Lavenham Guildhall is more of a religious place rather than commercial. Built at the edge of the marketplace, the Guildhall happens to be one of the most impressive timber-framed historic buildings. Originally used as a meeting place, Lavenham building is the venue to conduct local events and functions.

2. Visit the Lavenham Falconry

This raptor conservatory was created in 2011, giving visitors the unique opportunity to fly and gain experience on birds of prey. The center is situated at the ‘owl barn’ at the rear of the complex, which has 4 acres of flying grounds. You will find a variety of eagle owls, owls, hawks, corvids, falcons, eagles, and vultures. You may visit the exotic zoo known as Scales, Tails & Talons and learn about the exotic species from the workshop they conduct. This is known as the premier bird of prey experience of East Anglia. 

3. Church of St. Peter & St. Paul

Visit the Anglican Church that serves as an active and thriving community of Suffolk. The remarkable church building attracts thousands of visitors every year. The notable wool church is regarded as the finest example of the late Perpendicular Gothic Architecture of England. The huge church is a phenomenal piece of construction, which extends over 150 feet high, along with a C14 rod screen. It’s the most splendid demonstration of civic pride and wealth. 

4. Little Hall Lavenham 

Step in the Little Hall Lavenham, which is a 14th-century museum hall located at the main square, and mirrors the history of Lavenham over the years. It was first built in 1390 as a workplace and family house and was restored in 1920/30’s. It became the outpost of Kingston College of Arts in the 1970s. The late C14 hall house contained Gayer Anderson collection of pictures, which was open to the public in 1978. The Little Hall is managed and maintained by the Suffolk Preservation Society Trust. 

5. Lavenham Farmer’s Market

This is known as the 2015 Best Food Market in Suffolk, according to BBC radio for the food & farming award category. The market showcases over thirty of the highest quality of artisan producers and attracts thousands of customers every month. Everything sold comes from within thirty miles of radius of the place from all traders and artisans. The range of products available in this market includes fresh fruits and vegetables, fresh bread, Suffolk beet, lamb and venison pork, home-baked pies and cakes, homemade jams, local eggs, chutneys and pates, and also local sausages. All the food available in this market is grown, butchered, baked, and brewed by the same farmer, and you can even ask them anything you need to know before finalizing a buy. The kid-friendly farmer’s case serves homemade soup, freshly baked quiches, and also cakes. 

Enjoy buying things in the market, which is the most visited by people coming from 30 miles surrounding Lavenham. 

6. Drink and Eat like a Local

Explore the local restaurants and pubs for some great food and drink. Visit restaurants that are historically famous and preserves its rich culture of original stone floors, large fireplaces, and vibrant stained glass windows. Try the menu that includes traditional British flavors, seasonal lunchtime salads, sandwiches, and other specially prepared healthy options. You can go for the brunch, breakfast menu rand Brasserie 487 Menu. 

While you visit the pubs, try the local crafts beer, cocktails, and designer gins.

7. Visit the De Vere House

Featured in the background of the popular fantasy movie series Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, the De Vere House, also known as the De Vere Hunting Lodge, is one of the three properties owned by the famous De Vere family. The house used to be the owners’ property from the 14th to 17th century and noted for its architectural and historical interest.

People visiting the place love to take photographs and selfies near this house, which is rightly called one of the most photographed places in the UK. 

 8. Stay at the Lavenham Priory

This property is remarkable, Grade I listed, half-timbered medieval house, dating back to the 13th century and spread over 3 acres of land. Make sure that you enjoy a relaxing weekend over here. You may also enjoy Anglia’s beautiful beaches in the surroundings while you stay here. The rooms are furnished with breakfast. 

You will find various happening places to hang out and have some good time at a stone’s throw distance from here like The Great House Restaurant, Number Ten Bar and Bistro, Swan Hotel & Spa. 

9. Lavenham Woodland 

Visit the Lavenham Woodland Project, which started its proud journey in January 2002. In the same year, they planted their first oak and 1500 trees in November 2005 alone. The woodland, situated near the village, is now known as Dyehousefield Wood and is primarily aimed at bringing people together, especially children, getting them outdoor with parents, and also to ignite interest in woodlands among them. Visit the piled offcuts serving as hibernacula for encouraging lizards and slow worms. Here you will also find English butterflies, moths, and Brown Argus, a rare species.

You can even celebrate your little one’s birthday here to make it worthwhile. You kids surely going to love it this way. So think about it!

10. The Soper Project

Visit the Soper Collection, which is a unique project showcasing the work of remarkable Soper family like the working horse, children’s book of illustration, engravings, modeled birds, illustrations, wildlife, and many more. If you are a lover of art, history, wildlife, and landscape, then this place will definitely be a must-see for you. 

Also, you will come to understand East Anglia’s art, profile, employment, and the economy more clearly once you visit this happening place. 

Try visiting Lavenham between late July and early September. Explore history, the awe-inspiring medieval age structures, and enjoy the beautiful landscapes. This can be the perfect place for holidaying with your family or a romantic weekend gateway or if you want to spend a lovely vacation in the countryside, far away from the din and bustle of city life. Above all, the picturesque countryside will be a real treat to your eyes. 

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