Top 10 Things to do in San Juan, Puerto Rico

Top 10 Things to do When in San Juan, Puerto Rico
There are many amazing things to do in San Juan, Puerto Rico during your visit. From the culture to the food, everything is worth exploring.

From archaic structures from the Spanish Colonial Era to some of the world’s finest bars, nightclubs and casinos, San Juan is enormous. There are over 150 things to do in San Juan. You can’t expect any less from the capital and largest city of Puerto Rico, despite being less than 80 km2 in area.

Anyway, we’re not here to overwhelm you. We’re here to make life simpler during your visit to San Juan. We’ve compiled a list of the 10 best things to while touring this pleasant Puerto Rican islet, so you can rest easy and make the best of your time there.

Without losing any more precious time, let’s get started with the rundown.

1 – Visit Old San Juan

Comprising of 400 re-established structures from the sixteenth and seventeenth century Spanish colonial period, this region in San Juan is saturated with history with an old-world and sentimental European appeal.

2 – Take a stroll down Fortaleza Street

Also known as the Umbrella Street, this bustling boulevard is full of shops and boutiques. It provides picturesque vistas of colourful buildings, innumerable opportunities to shop for local arts & crafts and enjoy popular varieties of Pina Colada and Marmalade.

3 – The Cathedral of San Juan Bautista

A bona fide and rare New World sample of early architecture. Built in the year 1540, it is the site where Ponce de Leon’s body is interred. A distinct element is the “Wellspring of Youth”, well worth acclaim. It is an extensive standing tomb of white marble. Likewise, there is the protected collection of Saint Pio, waxed and in a glass holder. There are other noteworthy statues and relics to see.

4 – Enjoy a meal at Aloha/Barrachina

Not only do these provide delicious authentic Puerto Rican cuisine, the offer free luggage storage services. Now you can you explore the city at ease, irrespective of whether you are waiting to check into a hotel, waiting to board a ship or a plane.

5 – Saunter Down the Scenic Princess Pathway

A historically richer counterpart of Fortaleza Street, this street bundles stunning panoramas, an upbeat atmosphere and opportunities to shop for local arts and crafts all in one place. The archaic structures provide a rich historical background, while picturesque outlooks and a lively ambience, making the Princess Pathway an ideal place to share a meal together and form treasured memories.

6 – Paddle boarding & kayaking in Laguna Grande

A periodically phosphorescent bayou in the Cabezas Nature Reserve, this lagoon will never cease to amaze. Kayaking in the night, when the pond lights up and reveals the wonders within, is a memorable and surreal experience. Sparkling water and luminescent fish are something you would not want to miss out on in Laguna Grande.

7 – Wind down in Greengo’s Restaurant /Tequila Bar

Boasting the biggest tequila selection on the island, Greengo’s has a fun environment along with a delightful assortment of the finest Mexican and Latin American cuisines.

8 – Outlet Shopping in Old San Juan

While this may not appeal to many people, getting 70% off in a Coach Factory Outlet just might. Ideal for shopping for gifts and presents for loved ones.

9 – Visit Rincon for Surfing

A 2-hour car ride from San Juan, Rincon is by far the prime beach-goer destination. Whether you’re looking to unwind and relax beside the tranquil ocean or looking for some sea-side adventures, Rincon is the place to be.

10 – Visit El Yunque

Covering 28,000 sections of land, and getting in excess of 200 inches of rain each year, El Yunque National Forest is the main tropical rain forest in the US Forest System. Noted for its biodiversity, the woodland is home to over 400 diverse plant species. It has more than twelve maintained trails for climbing, cookout structures, stone towers, waterways, cascades, and an interpretive guests’ center. Essentially, this is an opportunity to dive deep into the heart of the forest and appreciate nature’s beauty within.

Note that hiking through this lush jungle costs an additional fee of $4.

This has been the list of our Top 10 favourite things to do when in San Juan. If we helped you out in any way, shape or form during your visit to San Juan, feel free to let us know by posting down in the comments or by contacting us here. If there’s any places in San Juan you recommend that we didn’t cover in our rundown, you can let us know by posting them in a comment below. If you have any questions or feedback for us, you can contact us directly here.

That’s it for this time, fellow traveller. Looking forward to meeting again. We wish you the best for your journey.

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