Top 10 things to do in Trondheim, Norway


Top 10 things to do in Trondheim, Norway

The moment we hear Norway, we feel as if we have reached the North Pole. Close as it is to the North Pole, Norway has several cities that are a major tourist attraction, and Trondheim is one of them. Magnificent, alluring, and charming, this city has all that a tourist could ask for in a perfect travel destination. In case you were wondering what you could do on your tour of this beautiful city, here is a list of ten great things that you should do in and around there. So enjoy the read!

1. A Tram Ride up to Lian

Trams are always nostalgia, and this tram ride will cheer you up. This is something that you should do when you are visiting Trondheim. You do not need to worry about the season because you could take a tram ride up to Lian in any season, and it would still mesmerize you the same way. You could catch the tram St. Olavs Gate in the city center. The amount of joy in this ride knows no bounds because the destination has so much to offer to you. In the summer you could swim in the Lake. In the winter, you could find yourself amidst the snow. It, therefore, brings you up close and personal with nature.

Top 10 things to do in Trondheim, Norway
A tram and parked cars @whereislida

2. A Walk to Remember Around Bymarka 

Who does not love a great walk that is amidst nature and is peaceful? The answer has to be nobody! Well, if you want to enjoy some quality walking time, you could go exploring the Bymarka – the surrounding woods in Lian. Honestly, you will have the best time of your life. Not only is the experience very peaceful, but also, it is very rejuvenating. Your walk around Bymarka will be truly, worth remembering.

Top 10 things to do in Trondheim, Norway
A forest near a water body @terjestegavik

3. A Delightful Picnic at Kristiansten Fortress 

What’s better than a picnic to get some quality time with friends and family and catch up with them? Plus, it also has a side of some great food and some fantastic activities. So, if you are looking for a picnic spot in Trondheim, Kristiansten Fortress is the perfect place for you. Have a grill session, play some games over a few glasses of wine, and relax and unwind. You will surely be going to enjoy it!

Top 10 things to do in Trondheim, Norway
The Kristiansten Fortress @felixartfotografie

4. Can’t Forget About the Northern Lights!

How can you forget about watching the Northern Lights when you are in Norway? Well, although viewing the Northern Lights in Trondheim is something very rare, but you never know you might even get lucky! Here is a word of advice: never miss out on such an opportunity.

Top 10 things to do in Trondheim, Norway
A house and visible Night Lights @die_roadies

5. Grab a Proper Bite at Kalas & Canasta

Trondheim has so many places where you could enjoy your food, that you will be spoilt for choice. Try out as many as you can because you do not want to miss out on anything. Name it, and you will get it in this city. Surreal, is not it? Well, unreal as it sounds, there are a few places that you absolutely should not miss. Go to Kafe Skuret if you want to have good seafood. Go to Kalas & Canasta if you want to enjoy an authentic meal. Besides, there are numerous cafes that you could choose from to have some great coffee.

Top 10 things to do in Trondheim, Norway
The Kalas & Canasta @journalofayogi

6. Have a Drink with the Locals at Bobby’s Bar

Have you ever wondered how the locals in a particular city enjoy their drinks? Well, if you have, then here is a little secret for you. There is this tiny small bar at the heart of the city, called Bobby’s Bar. Be assured that you will like it. The place remains crowded mostly with locals. You could go in, mix in the crowd and enjoy a drink with the locals of Trondheim at a bar that has an awesome ambiance. The bar’s specialty lies in the fact that it is very local, and very few tourists even know about it.

Top 10 things to do in Trondheim, Norway
Inside a bar @countessmitkov

7. Ride a Bike in Trondheim and Save the World 

Trondheim is the city of bikes. Does it sound strange to you? Well, for your information, it is not. Rejoice, because this city is doing its bit to protect the environment and to protect you. There is nothing like being able to explore the localities while riding a bike. With Trondheim having 12% more bike lanes than any other city in Norway, you could easily rent a bicycle and go biking around the city with ease while burning a few calories away as a bonus.

Top 10 things to do in Trondheim, Norway
A bike on rocks @nidaros_stifestival

8. Crispin Glover Record Shop? Yes, Please!

There is nothing wrong with going retro for a while. And if you do that, it is better that you do it in total style and with a lot of ease. What screams retro the most? Well, it has to be good old record shops. The city of Trondheim has a number of them strewn across the city, and it can be said that each one of them is equally good and nostalgic. Pick any one and visit it. You may even be lucky enough to get your hands on your favorite record at the shop! All the very best!

9. Explore the Town with a Local 

Who would know the cities better, if not the locals? Seriously nobody! Here is the fact that you should know: Trondheim is looked down upon by the people of Southern Norway. That is because this city has a vibe that is pretty different from Bergen or Oslo. So, if you are up for getting to know the city better, you need to go around exploring it with a local. The locals here are incredibly proud of their city, and while you go around the town with them, they will tell you a lot of stories about the city. So it a bonus and fun too! Make sure that you get your slots booked for the best experience.

Top 10 things to do in Trondheim, Norway
Streets between buildings @eirikbjo

10. The Rockheim Museum

Are you interested in knowing about the history of music? Or, more specifically, the history of rock music? If you’re, then you will love to visit this place. Trondheim’s Rockheim Museum is all about the history of rock music. It is so much fun! The site has such good vibes that you will never want to leave it ever again. Visit this fun place to learn more about the music that you love hearing.

Top 10 things to do in Trondheim, Norway
The Rockheim Museum @jgrantjenkins

Trondheim is undoubtedly a place that you must visit. It is not only beautiful and peaceful but also, there are several fun things that you could do here to make your trip a memorable one.