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Research states that one way of relieving the human mind after a gruesome work schedule is going out on vacation. Although some see it as an opportunity to be away from tiring office works, it is the best moment to bond with family members and expand their friends’ circles. Therefore, to achieve the relieving moments, you need to have the vacation in a relaxed, serene environment. Nevertheless, Travel Resorts of America offers such a place.

Headquartered in Southern Pines, North Carolina, Travel Resorts of America is a collection of resorts and private campgrounds across the East Coast. Moreover, the seven resorts ranging from upstate New York to Florida’s sunshine state offer everything you can look out for in an ideal holiday or vacation package. With activities such as fishing, swimming, golfing trail rides, and paintballing all at your disposal.

Below is a dissection of each of the resorts and what they offer.

Luna Sands Resort

luna sands resort
Luna Sands Resort @Campflorida

The Luna Sands Resort is situated along exit 1440 of Minnesota Avenue in Orange City, Florida. The Resort accommodates everything from luxury motor coaches to excellent camp tents while maintaining the Sunshine State’s natural galore and its surrounding wildlife. This place is ideal for any motor race lovers, and it is located just over a 30-minutes drive from the iconic Daytona Racing Speedway. Besides, it is close to Orlando City, a place known for its famous attractions.

Children too will have a vacation to remember visiting Luna Sands Resort as Disney Land is also a few kilometers from this campground. This place’s beautiful landscape is home to eagles, hawks, cranes, hummingbirds, and ibis, among other birds that will catch your eyes’ attention.

An excellent and friendly team of employees working in the Resort is always on stand by offering guests other services, including an outdoor pool, laundry services, dog park, TV, and game corner, all this to the guests’ satisfaction.

Bass Lake Resort

bass lake resort
Bass Lake Resort @Pinterest

Another splendid vacation destination for Travel Resorts of America is Bass Lake Resort. The Resort is situated in Parish, New York, on a vast 244-acre space close to many popular destinations and attractions. There is absolutely something for everyone who comes to Bass Lake. The events here are second to none and run year-round unless otherwise. From the Resort, you can engage in any outdoor event of your choice or opt to visit the nearby museums, festivals, and other historical sanctuaries.

At Bass Lake, any visitor is legible to experience all amenities without extra charges. Some of the most outstanding amenities offered include:

  • Cozy cabins
  • High-speed internet connectivity
  • Two clubhouses
  • Air-conditioned bathhouse
  • Hiking trails.

In addition to the amenities, booked-in guests enjoy other services ranging from Laundry services, dump station, dog park, gated entrance, and restaurants and bar. As for sports lovers, the 10-acre expansive playground will offer your choice several sporting activities.

Close to Bass Lake Resort is New York’s largest destination, Destiny USA, an automobile-oriented shopping and entertainment mall on Lake Onondaga’s shores. The mall houses close to 250 places where you can dine, shop and play. Another immediate attraction is Salmon River, which is a worldwide sport fishing destination.

Sycamore Lodge Resort

sycamore lodge resort
Sycamore lodge resort @Pinterest

Situated 90 miles East of Charlotte and 70 miles south of Raleigh in North Carolina is the Sycamore Lodge Resort. This calm Resort is surrounded by long leafy pines making it friendly for both family and pet. The campground offers all types of camping, including cabins and tents. Nevertheless, it is minutes away from the Pinehurst Golf courses renowned for hosting the 1922 and 2007 US Open and the confirmed venue for the 2024 US open championships. Another local attraction in the vicinity is the Rankin museum. Home to sections that capture and exhibit the Natural history, Native American history, and Local history of the past.

The Camelot playground rounds off the attractions around Sycamore Lodge. This playground has nearly all activities that children can take part in as they enjoy the fine breeze from the surrounding pine tree.

Gettysburg Battlefield Resort

gettysburg battlefield resort
Gettysburg battlefield resort @Pinterest

Situated close to Lancaster and Hershey towns in Pennsylvania is the Gettysburg Battlefield Resort. With less than a 30-minutes drive from the US capital of Washington DC, this Resort is home to many tourists. High-quality on-site services and accommodation are accompanied by amenities that offer nothing but value for money. The Resort derives its name from the famous Gettysburg battlefield, which doubles up as its main attraction. Apart from the amenities offered, guests can visit the nearby Hershey Park, a 1906 leisure park establishment for employees of the then Hershey Chocolate Company.

Wally World Riverside Resort

wally world riverside resort
Wally World Riverside Resort @Campfire

The Wally World Riverside Resort is a gorgeous campground nestled aside Wally Road Byway in Ohio State. It lies on the banks of River Mohican and proximity to many attractions in the area. Notable exciting attractions include the Bridge of Dreams along the 40 miles long Mohican River, a tributary of the famous Mississippi River. Everett-covered bridge, which is the only remaining covered bridge in Summit County, is another attraction to look out for when in Wally World Resort.

Rocky Fork Ranch Resort

rocky fork ranch
Rocky fork ranch resort @TripAdvisor

The unique Rocky Fork Ranch Resort consists of a playground that offers the best combination of rustic camping and modern-day camping in Kimbolton, Ohio. The ranch boasts of over 177 lodgings and 255 campsites fitted with amenities complemented by a clubhouse, game room, and indoor pools. Furthermore, it lies on 850 acres of beautiful woods and rocky landscape ideal for many outdoor activities. Rocky Fork borders Cedar Point, America’s second oldest amusement park and home to crazy rollercoasters. Another attraction is the Georgetown Vineyards restaurant overlooking Cambridge City.

North Shore Landing

north shore landing
Nort shore landing @TheDyrt

Final in the list of resorts under Travel Resorts of America is the North Shore Landing Resort in Greensboro, Georgia. Just like the others, its amenities and playground offer a convenient holiday vacation atmosphere.

Camping is about feeling every moment while having access to high-quality services and amenities. That’s why Travel Resorts of America, through the above seven resorts, aim at offering you that breathtaking experience. Nevertheless, every guest, alongside their families, can be assured of relaxation and fun upon arrival at these resorts.

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