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As much we all know the essence of oral hygiene, many people still do not give their toothbrushes a lot of thought when planning for trips. However, for some, including a toothbrush in our packing list is not just a matter of grab and go. A little bit of planning is required to ensure that the chosen toothbrush is portable, durable, efficient, and quality enough to sustain you throughout the trip.

This post looks at the best toothbrushes, both manual and electric, plus things to look out for before adding a particular toothbrush brand to your packing list.

Before purchasing a travel toothbrush, you should consider the following things;

Type of Toothbrush

Toothbrushes come in either electric or manual forms. Although toothbrush choice entirely rests on you, an electric toothbrush is the most recommended. They deliver far much better results compared to manual ones. The only concern with these types of toothbrushes is they require power to operate. If you opt for electric brushes, consider traveling with extra batteries or power banks for backup charging when need be.

Besides, electric toothbrushes are expensive, so if you don’t want to break a nearby bank to get that classy toothbrush, consider going for a cheaper manual toothbrush option.


Portability solely depends on the number of accessories that come with a toothbrush. Manual toothbrushes have few accessories compared to electric ones and are therefore more portable. If you prefer one with more accessories, consider whether it comes with a travel case or not. The case will keep everything protected and avoid unnecessary mixup of your accessories with other things in the bag.


Nearly all toothbrushes – manual or electric- are made from plastic. There is, however, a new entrant in the form of bamboo-made toothbrushes. These brushes are cheap, eco-friendly, and sustainable. Although all bamboo toothbrushes are manual, they are a great idea if you care about the ecosystem.


Manual toothbrushes can easily be folded for easy packing and protecting the head and bristles from damage. Though there is a high preference for thin, light, and foldable toothbrushes, thicker and longer toothbrushes are more comfortable and easy to use.

The best Electric and Manual toothbrushes to consider when traveling

By now, we all know what to look out for in any toothbrush. Below is a review of each of the mentioned categories of toothbrushes plus what they offer.

Best Electric Travel Toothbrush

Oral –B White Pro Electric Toothbrush

oral b
Oral –B White Pro Electric Toothbrush @Amazon

This toothbrush can remove more plaque along the gum line than any other toothbrush. It has a rotating head that effortlessly sweeps away any plaque. Another notable feature about the Oral-B Pro toothbrush is the pressure sensor and timer. The pressure sensor prevents you from exerting too much pressure on teeth and gum lines, whereas the timer measures the appropriate time each brushing session should last.

Fairywill Sonic Electric Toothbrush

fairywill sonic electric toothbrush
Fairywill Sonic Electric Toothbrush @Amazon

With over 1800 five-star ratings, Fairywill Sonic Toothbrush is ranked up there among the best travel electric toothbrush. The toothbrush is light and easily portable is it weighs just 55 grams. It comes with a robust chargeable battery that can last for up to 30 days of use.

The brush comes in five different brushing modes alongside a low battery reminder and a timer. These outstanding features indeed make it the most convenient electric toothbrush for traveling.

Phillips Sonicare Essence Toothbrush

phillips sonicare essence toothbrush
Phillips Sonicare Essence Toothbrush @Amazon

The Phillips Sonicare Toothbrush is an intuitive toothbrush using vibration technology to keep plaque at bay. In case of any accidental damage or failure, you enjoy a two-year warranty plus a money-back guarantee within 90 days.

VIOLife Sonic Electric Toothbrush

violife sonic electric toothbrush
VIOLife Sonic Electric Toothbrush @Amazon

This slimmer and lighter toothbrush is just a button away from producing powerful brush minutes every minute. It comes with a powerful AAA battery that will last you longer during travel. This battery-operated electric toothbrush offers 22000 strokes each minute to help you achieve a healthy mouth while on the ego. It has an in-built vented cap that releases moisture when brushing. Its waterproof battery makes it stand out among the best electric toothbrushes.

Best Manual Travel Toothbrush

The manual toothbrush will never run out of charge or battery. By this fact, the simplest toothbrushes to move around with, although not the best when it comes to delivering sparkling white teeth, are manual toothbrushes. In most cases, they are primarily used as backups to electric toothbrushes.

Among the best manual toothbrushes are:

Colgate Max Fresh Disposable Toothbrush

colgate max fresh disposable toothbrush
Colgate Max Fresh Disposable Toothbrush @Amazon

Max Fresh is absolutely the best manual toothbrush on the market. These toothbrushes are tiny, light, and disposable. They have inbuilt freshening toothpaste bead that dissolves when brushing. Besides, the soft pock at the base of the toothbrush helps remove any food particles that may be still stuck after brushing.

Since they are single-use and disposable, a complete pack of 24 toothbrushes can easily sustain you when traveling to places where water may not be safe and in plenty.

Radius Tour Toothbrush

radius tour toothbrush
Radius Tour Toothbrush @Amazon

This US-made toothbrush is designed like a jackknife. The head can fold safely inside the handle when not in use. Another exciting feature is the replaceable head that is removable whenever the bristles wear out without having to buy a new toothbrush altogether.

Lingito Folding Toothbrush

lingito folding  tootbrush
Lingito Folding Toothbrush @Amazon

Like Radius Tour Toothbrush, the Lingito Toothbrush also folds down to about 4 inches from 7 inches. You can get it in packs of two or three in case of journeys that require you to stay longer.

Other manual toothbrushes made from bamboo include

  • Hello Boo Bamboo Toothbrush
  • Rainbow Bamboo toothbrush

The above types of toothbrushes offer different results and come at different prices. Some also come with more accessories such as toothpaste, travel case, and brush head caps.

You should know that toothbrushes are essential during travels, just like clothing and footwear. We all have learned the importance of proper oral hygiene since elementary school. It may be unfortunate to throw away that information just because of poor planning before traveling. Therefore, be sure to grab any of the above brushes before setting out for any travel.

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